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Genplant specialty plant products include LNG storage and regasification plants, CO2 plants that use a combustion process to produce beverage-quality CO2 and automated indoor cultivation facilities.

Genplant offers a family of LNG storage and regasification systems that integrate the best technology, engineering design and state-of-the-art controls into a fully modular and pre-tested manufactured solution. Our LNG products come with a 5-year warranty and industry-leading performance guarantees for storage capacity, natural gas production capacity, reliability, sound and durability.

Complete Energy Solutions

Our specialty plants can operate as stand-alone units or be added to energy plants, delivering a complete energy solution to your facility.

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Key Benefits

  • Pre-designed and manufactured
  • Easy to install and operate
  • Low CAPEX/OPEX cost with 5-year warranty

Specialty Plant Products

LNG Storage and Regasification Plant

Our satellite LNG storage and regasification plants are designed to support small to large energy plants

  • LNGµ  100 gal to 1,000 gal
  • LNGc  1,000 gal to 18,000 gal
  • LNGi  20,000 gal to 160,000 gal

CO2 Recovery Plant

The CO2 recovery plant produces up to beverage quality CO2 from combustion exhaust.

  • CO  500kg/hr to 2,000kg/hr

Groplant Cultivation Facilities

Genplant's Groplant cultivation facilities offer an automated solution for indoor cultivation that save time, money and can get your product to market faster.


  • New green field facility
  • Integrate into existing facility
  • Initial cultivation phase
  • Expand existing facility

Case Studies

Learn how Genplant helped these clients save 30% to 60% on their energy costs while improving their power reliability and reducing their carbon footprint.

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Food & Beverage Facility

  • 1.5MW CHP
  • Hot Water
  • Steam
  • On-line April 2019
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Industrial Gas Manufacturer

  • 1.5MW CHP
  • Steam
  • 500kg/h of CO2 recovery
  • On-line March 2018
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Pharmaceutical Facility

Puerto Rico
  • 3MW CHP
  • 1400 TR Chilled Water
  • 12 MMBTU Hot Water
  • 40,000 Gal LNG station
  • On-line July 2020
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Learn how Genplant's fully modular, templated specialty plants can reduce your energy costs and your carbon footprint.

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