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Innovative Solutions

Traditional methods of custom-designed, site-implemented infrastructure solutions are inefficient, expensive and take too long to implement. Our fully modular, pre-manufactured microgrids, power plants and energy centers are delivered in less time, at a lower cost and with a higher level of quality.

Genplant's energy plants can be delivered as turnkey solutions and may include Genplant-provided project financing.

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Key Benefits

  • Reduce energy costs
  • Improve power reliability
  • Increase efficiency
  • Optimize energy performance
  • Reduce environmental impact
  • Deliver long-term value


Power Stations

Genplant's power plants generate electricity from fossil fuels or biofuels. Designed for continuous, prime or standby operations, power stations can be designed for permanent, semi-permanent or mobile installation.

Genplant's power station solutions are comprised of specific models from Genplant's GEN product line.


  • Prime power
  • Critical backup power
  • Disaster response
  • Rental


Energy Centers

Genplant's energy centers generate electricity, steam, hot water or chilled water and/or other utilities. Typically located "inside the fence" of a facility, the energy center solution is dedicated to delivering the energy generated to your facility.

Genplant's energy center solutions are comprised of one or more of Genplant's energy plant product line.


  • District energy production
  • Campus energy production
  • Centralized energy production


Genplant's microgrid solutions generate electricity from renewable energy, and both electricity and thermal energy from fossil fuels. The microgrid solution may include battery technology to store renewable energy.

Genplant's microgrid solutions are made up of one or more of Genplant's energy plant products and renewable energy components.


  • District energy + solar and/or wind
  • Campus energy + solar and/or wind
  • Centralized energy + solar and/or wind

Case Studies

Learn how Genplant helped these clients save 30% to 60% on their energy costs while improving their power reliability and reducing their carbon footprint.


Food & Beverage Facility

  • 1.5MW CHP
  • Hot Water
  • Steam
  • On-line April 2019
Read case study

Industrial Gas Manufacturer

  • 1.5MW CHP
  • Steam
  • 500kg/h of CO2 recovery
  • On-line March 2018
Read case study

Pharmaceutical Facility

Puerto Rico
  • 3MW CHP
  • 1400 TR Chilled Water
  • 12 MMBTU Hot Water
  • 40,000 Gal LNG Station
  • On-line July 2020
Read case study

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