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Lower Cost + Guaranteed Production = Higher Profits



                            Compared to Traditional Site Erected Facilites:

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Fully Modular – manufactured off site and put together on site like Legos®

Automated – move plants, not people to reduce labor and risk of contamination

Safe Multi-Level – reduce building footprint, lower site cost and provide a safe working environment

Continuous Production – stabilize staffing and optimize facility throughput

Integrated Environment – closely controlled and coordinated to get higher quality product

Energy Optimization – integrated energy system design to optimize energy supply with required demand whether grid connected and/or on-site CHP

Scalable - modular building, process and utilities design allows for scalability (10,000 sf to 200,000+ sf)

Fast, Turnkey Delivery – single source delivery streamlines the development and manufacturing and construction process with expedited schedule 


                                                                              SIZING AND PERFORMANCE

Your Indoor Cannabis Cultivation Solution

Designed specifically to meet the needs of the cannabis cultivation industry, Genplant solutions provide:

  • Reduced energy costs
  • Dedicated on-site source of reliable power - both during construction and for long-term operation
  • Faster construction, for increased product speed to market
  • Automated facility, requiring less staff
  • Funding for energy-related equipment and facility expansion
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Benefits of an indoor cultivation facility

  • Significantly reduced OPEX - automation and continuous production reduces staff and streamline operations and integrated energy system optimization reduces energy costs
  • Lower CAPEX - 5-20% compared to traditional site erected facilities by modular fabrication, reduced footprint and lower engineering costs
  • High Quality Production - closely controlled and monitored environments specifically tailored to plant growth and optimized production
  • Reduced Development Risk - the predesigned, fully modular facility has defined costs and lead-times
  • More Financeable - the modular facility is a product that has a defined cost, schedule and performance, moved and redeployed if required
  • Reduced Construction Time- modular build in 6-12 months


Energy Plant



Expand Your Product Line

For an optimized environment, genplant offers additional products to fully-automate your groplant facility.


Energy Plants

Predesigned and manufactured electric and thermal plants.

Energy Plants

Energy Monitoring & Management

Real-time data for real-world decisions.

Energy Monitoring & Management


One-stop shopping for your energy needs.


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