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Optimizing for Peak Performance

Genplant's energy optimization solutions will help your business:

All facilities require energy to operate. But a business can't operate efficiently without a clear understanding of the how, when, where and why energy is being used. Without these answers, your business will spend more on energy than required.

Genplant’s optimization solutions answer these questions, defining initiatives that will lead to optimized energy use and production.

Facility Energy Mapping

Genplant's AWARE NOW energy monitoring system offers detailed facility energy mapping. Through a temporary overlay, AWARE NOW that provides real-time energy use and production data that can be used to answer questions related to energy demand and production.

The AWARE NOW system can be applied to an existing facility without impact to facility operations, interfacing with existing control system data to provide a complete picture of the facility Energy Map.

AWARE NOW also can be permanently applied to a facility to provide continuous monitoring, energy management and optimization.

Energy System Audit and Optimization

Genplant offers the comprehensive investigation of on-site energy production and usage with detailed analysis and recommendations for demand reduction and production optimization

Genplant follows the EPA Combined Heat and Power (CHP) partnership and/or the ASHRAE Energy Efficiency Audit processes.


Comprehensive Analysis

  • Measure: AWARE provides a “radically transparent” platform for data capture, monitoring, analysis and assessment
  • Analyze: Our team analyzes the data to identify viable improvement projects, which are presented for review and a “go/no go” decision.
  • Improve: Genplant and our hand-selected suppliers/contractors will supply, implement and commission each project for maximum benefit.
  • Monitor: You may choose to license or subscribe to AWARE to receive ongoing measurement, monitoring and reporting of financial savings, emissions/carbon reduction and site benchmarking/portfolio analysis
AWARE Tablet

Key Benefits

  • Creates an "energy map" of the facility
  • Analyzes real-time data to determine how energy is being produced and used
  • Generates real time reports on fully customizable analytics and metrics
  • Identifies ways to improve power reliability and efficiency
  • Enables Genplant to create customized solutions to lower your energy costs

Facility Energy Mapping

Genplant's facility energy mapping solution can be applied to existing facilities to provide a baseline of how, when, and where energy is used and how energy production systems operate to provide the demanded energy on-site.

Energy System Audit and Optimization

Genplant's energy system audit and optimization solution defines the current energy profile for a facility and includes suggestions how to reduce demand and improve the efficiency of supply.


Case Studies

Learn how Genplant helped these clients save 30% to 60% on their energy costs while improving their power reliability and reducing their carbon footprint.


Food & Beverage Facility

  • 1.5MW CHP
  • Hot Water
  • Steam
  • On-line April 2019
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Industrial Gas Manufacturer




500kg/h of CO2 recovery

On-line March 2018

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Pharmaceutical Facility

Puerto Rico
  • 3MW CHP
  • 1400 TR Chilled Water
  • 12 MMBTU Hot Water
  • 40,000 Gal LNG Station
  • On-line July 2020
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Take Control of Your Energy

Learn how Genplant can help your business reduce energy costs and improve performance.

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