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Energy Plants

Genplant’s energy plants use natural gas, propane and/or hydrogen to generate all or a portion of a facility’s electricity. Combined heat and power plants (CHP) may also harness the thermal energy generated during electric production to produce steam, hot water, compress air and/or chilled water. When fuel diversity is required, liquid fuels may be used for backup electricity production.

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Genplant Utility Plant

Thermal Plants

Our thermal plant products utilize electricity to produce chilled water, compressed air and/or hot water and gaseous fuels to produce steam and/or hot water.  The thermal plant products may also include optional backup electric production via gaseous or liquid fuels.  Multiple thermal plant products can be combined to create a central utility plant.

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Specialty Plants

Genplant specialty plants include LNG storage and regasification plants as well as CO2 plants that produce beverage quality CO2 from a combustion process.

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