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Your On-Site Solution

Energy is one of the leading operational costs for most industrial facilities. 

Genplant's on-site modular, complete combined heat and power (CHP) plants deliver reliable, efficient power to your facility while reducing emissions and generating cost savings of 30-60%.

The Genplant on-site CHP plant replaces traditionally sourced grid electricity, integrating the best technology, engineering design and state-of-the-art energy monitoring controls into a streamlined solution designed to meet the needs of your industry.

GENi™ Industrial Series

  • Fully modular (CHP) facility
  • Produces electricity, hot water, steam and/or chilled water
  • Total efficiencies of 90% when operating on natural gas or propane
  • Compact footprint
  • Designed to blend into the facility environment
  • Expected useful life of 20+ years
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Key Features

  • Low CAPEX and OPEX Cost with 5-year warranty
  • Easy to install and operate
  • Pre-designed and manufactured
  • Pre-commissioned and tested modular design
  • Installed and commissioned in less than 4 weeks
  • Guaranteed performance
  • Quiet Operation (<65 dBA at 10 feet)

Our Solutions


Genplant's energy optimization solution defines your business's energy use and determines ways to reduce demand, improve efficiency and create a sustainable energy future.



Genplant’s fully modular, pre-manufactured plant power stations, energy centers and microgrids are delivered in less time, at a lower cost and with a higher level of quality than facilities built with traditional construction methods.

Monitoring & Management

Genplant’s energy management solution continually monitors how your facility demands and produces energy, optimizing operations and maintenance to deliver long term savings and resiliency.

Case Studies

Learn how Genplant helped these clients save 30% to 60% on their energy costs while improving their power reliability and reducing their carbon footprint.


Food & Beverage Facility

  • 1.5MW CHP
  • Hot Water
  • Steam
  • On-line April 2019
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Industrial Gas Manufacturer

  • 1.5MW CHP
  • Steam
  • 500kg/h of CO2 recovery
  • On-line March 2018
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Pharmaceutical Facility

Puerto Rico
  • 3MW CHP
  • 1400 TR Chilled Water
  • 12 MMBTU Hot Water
  • 40,000 Gal LNG Station
  • On-line July 2020
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