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Energy is one of the leading operational costs for most industrial facilities. That's where we come in. Genplant's on-site modular, complete combined heat and power (CHP) plants deliver reliable, efficient power to your facility while reducing emissions and generating savings of 30-60%.

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The health and safety of your patients depends upon a consistent, reliable and cost-effective source of electricity. With a Genplant energy solution, you'll enjoy peace of mind, knowing your facility has its own, on-site source of reliable, efficient power – with energy cost savings of up to 45%.

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Electricity, HVAC and thermal energy needs are critical to most commercial enterprises – and the high price of power is a significant cost of doing business. Genplant's on-site modular power plants deliver reliable, efficient power to your facility while reducing emissions and saving money.

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From college campuses and government buildings to utilities and military bases, large institutions need a reliable, cost-effective source of energy to operate safely and effectively. Genplant has the solution.

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Unexpected power outages can wreak havoc with hotel and resort operations. A Genplant on-site energy solution can provide the reliable, resilient power you need to maintain that five-star rating.

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Agricultural operations require a readily available supply of reliable electricity as well as thermal energy and CO2 to promote growth and maximize yield. Genplant has the answer.

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Data Centers

Data Centers require reliable electricity as well as thermal energy. Genplant has the answer.

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Learn how Genplant can help your business reduce energy costs and increase sustainability

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