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Energy Infrastructure Solutions

The world is undergoing a significant energy transition as there is a demonstrated shift away from traditional fuels towards sustainable energy sources. Genplant's unique energy infrastructure solutions, resources and capabilities enable energy transition and deliver sustainability.

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Total Energy Management

Genplant's AWARE system provides real-time, remote facility monitoring and management of your on-site energy solution. AWARE provides detailed analysis and recommendations for optimization, all on an easy-to-read dashboard.

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Genplant delivers long-term value for our customers by supporting our energy related solutions in the markets that we serve. With offices in Florida, New York, and Jamaica, Genplant delivers energy solutions to businesses across the Americas and the Caribbean.

North America

Located in Green Cove Springs near Jacksonville, Florida, Genplant's headquarters includes a 110,000 square-foot manufacturing facility plus office space to house engineering, project development, manufacturing and corporate personnel. Genplant also maintains offices in the New York/Tri-State area.

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Genplant has fully staffed offices in Jamaica that provide on-site service and energy related solutions to a wide variety of industries including food and beverage, industrial manufacturing, hospitality and pharmaceutical. We offer our products, solutions and services throughout the Caribbean.

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Genplant offers a product line of modular, scalable plants that are based on pre-designed building blocks that make it possible to reduce the time required to define the technical and commercial solution for a customer by matching the building blocks to the specific need for each project opportunity. The plants are built in a manufacturing environment where quality can be closely managed, and the construction process is repetitive with personnel who have prior experience. The work that we have done allows us to respond to opportunities faster, more completely and more accurately than our competitors.

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Energy Plants

Genplant’s energy plants are fueled by gaseous fuels including natural gas, propane and/or hydrogen to generate all or a portion of a facility’s electricity. Our energy plants may also harness the thermal energy generated during electric production to product steam, hot water, compress air and/or chilled water. When fuel diversity is required, liquid fuels may be used for backup electricity production.

  • Combined Heat & Power (CHP) Plant
  • Power Plant
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Genplant Utility Plant

Thermal Plants

Genplant’s thermal plants use electricity to produce chilled water, refrigeration, compressed air and/or hot water and gaseous fuels to produce steam and/or hot water. Thermal plant products may also include optional backup electric production via gaseous or liquid fuels. Multiple thermal plant products can be combined to create a central utility plant.

  • Chilled Water Plant
  • Hot Water Plant
  • Steam Plant
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Specialty Plants

Our specialty plants can operate as stand-alone units or be added to energy plants, delivering a complete energy solution to your facility.

  • LNG Storage & Gasification Plant
  • CO2 Liquefaction Plant
  • Hydrogen Production Plant
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Turnkey Solutions

Genplant delivers long-term value to customers by providing energy-related solutions that reduce costs, improve reliability and resiliency, and enhance sustainability.

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Energy Optimization

Energy is required by all facilities to operate.  Facilities cannot operate efficiently and optimally without a clear understanding of the how, when, where and why questions related to energy demand. If the answers to these questions are not known, the facility spends more on energy than required. 

Genplant’s optimization solution answers these questions and provides defined initiatives that when undertaken will lead to optimized energy use and production.

  • Facility Energy Mapping
  • Energy System Audit and Optimization
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Energy Infrastructure

The way energy is produced hasn’t changed in recent times.  The traditional methodology of custom designed, site implemented infrastructure solutions are outdated, inefficient, costly and take a long time to implement. 

Genplant’s energy infrastructure solutions are based on the natural evolution of energy plants, the fully modular, pre-manufactured plant. 

Power stations, energy centers and microgrids can now be delivered in less time, at a lower cost and with a higher level of quality by Genplant.

  • Microgrids
  • Energy Centers
  • Power Stations
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Energy Management

Without real-time energy management, facility energy cost, reliability, resiliency and operational efficiency suffer. 

Genplant’s energy management solutions continually monitor how energy is demanded and produced and optimizes the operations and maintenance of the energy infrastructure so that it operates efficiently and resiliency to deliver long term savings and resiliency.

  • Remote Monitoring
  • Maintenance
  • Operations
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Holistic Approach

Genplant's turnkey project management approach makes it easy to solve your business's energy challenges. We manage your complete project implementation: from design and permitting to equipment supply, construction, commissioning and testing.

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